Goat Ridge Trail Chilliwack

Goat Ridge Path, Chilliwack

Goat Ridge Path, located in Chilliwack, is a panoramic climbing experience that pulls outdoor fanatics from near and far. Nestled throughout the Coast Mountains, this path offers a novel combination of attractive environment and exhilarating challenges. With its well-maintained paths and numerous terrain, Goat Ridge Path is a favorite amongst hikers looking for an unforgettable journey throughout the beautiful wilderness of Chilliwack.

The Goat Ridge path near Chilliwack Lake and Lindeman Lake is a demanding hike with some very steep sections, nonetheless it’s properly worth it for the views! You don’t even should go correct to the very best of the ridge to learn from the views. As most hikers do, we went to easily above the first Goat Ridge viewpoint and by no means exactly on the ridge itself.

Searching for a neater hike? Attempt the hike to Lindeman Lake.

Proper right here there’s a giant rock generally called Porcupine Peak that juts out and offers good views of Lindeman Lake underneath. In case you’re tenting at Chilliwack Lake or looking for a terrific day hike from Vancouver, then you must undoubtedly check out the Goat Ridge path!

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Goat Ridge hike near Vancouver

The first hike we did as soon as we moved to Canada was Lindeman Lake and ever since I’ve seen photos from bigger up making an attempt down onto the lake.

The title of this path is Goat Ridge and there first foremost viewpoint you get to is the place most people go to (though I’m constructive the views from the exact ridge are good!).

Goat Ridge Viewpoint/Porcupine Peak Path Stats

  • Distance: 7.5-9km (we started from Chilliwack Lake campground)
  • Downside: Exhausting (very steep sections with scrambling
  • Elevation: 800m (ish)
  • Trailhead: Chilliwack Lake Freeway

Mountaineering to the Goat Ridge viewpoint, Lindeman Lake

We started our hike from the Chilliwack Lake Campground house since we have now been camped there over the weekend. Starting from proper right here means backtracking down the road for about 1km to the trailhead.

The trail begins very close to the Lindeman Lake trailhead nonetheless isn’t exactly the an identical. You’ll want to seek for some marking at a spot throughout the bushes which leads on to a path resembling a logging road.

Observe this path for a few minutes and proceed on it as a result of it bends spherical to the left, then to the appropriate, and begins to climb sharply upwards. It’s not prolonged sooner than you’ll get to your first set of ropes to navigate the steep sections of trails. Take your time and don’t actually really feel pressurised to go ahead of you’re cozy with.

The trail is form of easy to look at as a result of it’s pretty well-worn and marked. If uncertain, it nearly merely goes up!

One other hikers we seen had gloves to help defend their fingers on the ropes which is likely to be a terrific idea, they get a bit sore after a while.

porcupine peak goat ridge chilliwack (1 of 5)
a little bit of path

There are roughly 4 rope sections to utilize as you hike uphill and there’s not quite a bit reprieve as you proceed on.

After just some kilometers, you’ll attain the standpoint with the rock you’ve most likely seen photographs of it you’ve gotten been beforehand aware of this hike near Chilliwack.

Merely sooner than you get to the rock, you’ll have the selection to take a path to the appropriate for an alternate view (image underneath).

We stopped proper right here for some snacks and to take photos sooner than heading uphill just some hundred meters further. We didn’t go correct to the ridge this time spherical, nonetheless there’s always subsequent time!

porcupine peak goat ridge chilliwack (1 of 5)
porcupine peak goat ridge chilliwack (1 of 5)

What to know sooner than doing the Goat Ridge hike

Proper right here’s what you will need to know sooner than doing the Goat Ridge hike / Porcupine Peak near Chilliwack Lake.

  • There will not be any permits required for this hike.
  • This hike and Lindeman Lake are every very popular and so get very busy. Start early.
  • Chilliwack Lake Freeway is assumed for break-ins of parked autos at trailheads. Depart nothing in your automotive that’s valuable.
  • There are a great deal of rope sections and totally different steep parts of the trail. Not a beginner hike.
  • This isn’t a really a dog-friendly path

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Goat Ridge Path in Chilliwack offers hikers a panoramic and tough experience throughout the attractive Cascade Mountains. Defending roughly 16 kilometers, this path rewards adventurers with awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Fraser Valley, surrounding peaks, and the colorful alpine meadows. No matter its steep sections and rocky terrain, the trail is well-maintained and easily accessible, making it acceptable for expert hikers. The abundance of wildflowers, numerous wildlife, and the tranquility of the trail make it a must-visit trip spot for outdoor fanatics looking for a memorable and awe-inspiring journey.

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